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Exceptional Berber Handira Blanket, handmade in Morocco from pure wool

To put on a bed, on a sofa-thrown or on the floor as a rug. It can also be hung on the wall for a bohemian deco!

100% wool, with wide strips of metallic sequins and cotton fringes. Each piece is unique ♥

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Exceptional Handira Blanket handmade in Morocco! Crafted by Berber women in the Moroccan High Atlas, the Handira is handmade from pure wool. It has wide vertical strips of cotton thread, then is embroidered with hundreds of metal sequins sewn one by one by hand.

At the time, the Handira was a wedding blanket according to Berber traditions. The bride’s relatives weeded the Handira for several weeks and then decorated it with hundreds of metal sequins. On her wedding day, the bride wore the Handira on her shoulders like a cape, to join her husband. You could hear his arrival all over the village thanks to the many sequins that came close to each other! Morocco’s traditional Berber Handira rug was usually white or cream, and then decorated with small coins or silver sequins.

Today, the Handira has become a very trendy and popular decorative accessory. The Handiras fit perfectly in a modern decoration to bring a warm and authentic touch.

Express delivery worldwide in 48/72 hours depending on the destination!

Available in White and Grey and Black and Blue Majorelle and Sequins Squares and lots of new things to discover here!

This piece is handmade: very slight variations in shade or size may exist. Each piece is unique !


100 x 150 cm, 120 x 200 cm

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