ILUH Emerald


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The ILUH itbag is the most iconic bamboo bag ever created. A fashion piece essential to your wardrobe, which can be worn with anything and any season!

Your ILUH bag is entirely handmade by our craftsmen in the northeast mountains of Bali. The name ILUH is a Balinese first name given to the first daughter of the family.

Size : L27 x H27 x P8 cm

Handmade in Bali
100% in bamboo wood
Available in 8 colors

In stock

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Available colors : White& Natural& Caramel& Pink& Emerald & Azure Blue & Chocolateand Black and many other models to discover here!

Express shipping worldwide in 48 hours/72 hours depending on the destination!

This artisanal piece is totally handmade: small variations of shade or size can exist. Each piece is unique ! Each piece is unique !

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